I have spent most of my life in London. Now with my family, I live in Brighton. After leaving school I worked in a darkroom and started taking pictures. Reading about the adventures of the young photographers of the Vietnam war, I had the notion to try something similar in the Central America of the early eighties. This was not a springboard to success and I decided to go to college and do a photography degree. After leaving, I found work with my local paper photographing things such as people who had made it to 100 or pub regulars shaving off their hair for charity. My next main client was City Limits Magazine, photographing lots of futile and poorly attended protests and demos.
Then it was on to lots of lifestyle pictures for the broadsheets and Time Out magazine, particularly in the world of restaurants. I now mainly do functions, events, and gatherings, usually for PR purposes.
In my photography I look for the quirky and unpredictable. Photographers I like include Gary Winogrand, Martin Par, and Robert Doisneau.
- Dominic Dibbs

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